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Sexuality education school policy for Australian GLBTIQ

In Victoria, it is compulsory for government schools to provide sexuality education within the Health and Physical Education domain, including assessment and reporting against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The most effective sexuality education programs also take a …

Relationships and sex education policy statement - FPA

Sex education doesn’t promote early sexual activity or any particular sexual orientation. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all other (non-compulsory) parts of sex and relationship education if they want. All schools must have a written policy on sex education, which they must make available to parents for free.

How sex education is failing Australian children

sex education policy australia

Education is state-run in Australia, and within each of the eight states and territories there are both government and independent schooling systems. This paper details the position of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) students within Australian education policy documents nationally, focusing on the three largest states and educational sectors in Australia.

Sex education in schools: a parent’s guide | Parent Info

FPA Policy Statement: Relationships and Sex Education, July 2018 Relationships and sex education (RSE) policy . FPA believes that all children and young people have the right to high-quality, comprehensive relationships and sex education, which promotes good sexual health and equal and enjoyable relationships.

Policies - The Department of Education

Providing comprehensive sexuality education ensures this. Comprehensive sexuality education promotes postponement of first sex (with one sexual partner and safer sex considered as the next best alternative). School programs that have been most effective in helping young people to abstain discuss both abstinence and contraception.

School‐based sex education policies and indicators of

The sex education curriculum in Delaware increases in 7th and 8th grade up to 70 hours of instruction. Between 7th-9th grades students in North Carolina must learn about STDs and contraception in

Sex Education in Schools: Heres What Your Kid Is Learning

Abstinence-only education sometimes encourages students to abstain from sex without ever telling them what sex is. In contrast, when comprehensive sex education is taught in schools, it may encourage teens to make more informed decisions before participating in …

LGBTIQ Student Support: Policy |

sex education policy australia

Welcome to the Department of Educations Policies website. This website provides the definitive online repository for all of the Departments policies and also contains other information including strategic documents and links to relevant legislation.

GLBTIQ teachers in Australian education policy

In Australia, sex education sits in the national curriculum under health and physical education. As in most developed countries, in the past two decades it has moved away from functionalist sex education – puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, maybe a condom on a banana – towards a broader program of sexuality and relationships.

State Policies on Sex Education in Schools

“Sex education” shall mean the dissemination of factual biological or pathological information that is related to the human reproductive system and may include the study of sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, childbirth, puberty, menstruation and menopause, as well as the dissemination of factual information about parental responsibilities under the child support laws …

Why sex education matters | Young people | The Guardian

sex education policy australia

Policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure schools support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and gender diverse, Intersex, and Queer and questioning (LGBTIQ) students. Summary. It is unlawful under state and federal laws to discriminate against a person on the grounds of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

About sexuality education

sex education policy australia

Sexuality education policy is closely connected to the Victorian essential learning standards. For more information on sexuality education and curriculum policy, see: Learning & Teaching – curriculum policy. Victorian student health and student care policies