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The Lesbian Vampire Killer - Tracey Wigginton | Mystery-BF1

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‘Lesbian vampire killer’ Tracey Wigginton released after

Dubbed the "Vampire Killer", Queensland woman Tracey Wigginton served 22 years in prison for the murder of 47-year-old Edward Baldock in 1989. Wigginton, then 24, and three other women lured Baldock into a car and took him to a park on the banks of the Brisbane River, where she stabbed him 27 times. In 1991 she pleaded guilty to the murder and the lurid details of the …

Lesbian Vampire Killer: Tracey Wigginton | FemmeKillers

Tracey Wigginton, best known as the lesbian vampire killer, was given a life sentence for the 1998 murder of Brisbane man Edward Baldock, a council worker she …

Lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton set to be released

A woman known by the title of Australia’s lesbian vampire killer who had stabbed a man to death and drank his blood, is expected to be released from prison within a few weeks after the decision of the parole board decided to release him. Employees Council Member Brisbane, Edward Baldock was stabbed 27 times

Lesbian Vampire Killer undone by ‘unbelievable clue’ | The

brisbane lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton (born 1965), known as the "Lesbian Vampire Killer", is an Australian murderer who achieved notoriety for killing Edward Baldock in 1989, supposedly to drink his blood. This was described as "one of the most brutal and bizarre crimes Australia has ever seen".

Tracey Wigginton - Wikipedia

She has served 22 years for a crime that shocked Australia like few others. She is known as the Lesbian Vampire Killer, and while it sounds like some awful horror movie it …