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Polygamous marriages recognised under Australian law—but

They will also be afforded the same rights as heterosexual married couplies in Australia. Another important change effected by this Amending Act was to recognise certain marriages (such as gay marriages) that occurred overseas but were not recognised as valid in Australia because marriage was only considered to be “between a man and a woman”.

Australian Politics and ‘Gay Marriage’ – The Other Sociologist

What this all means is that in Australia, gay marriages, polygamous marriages, marriages involving children or incestuous relationships, are not recognised as valid in Australia. The effect of this practically speaking is that these parties can not obtain a divorce in Australia, as the Australian Courts will not recognise a valid marriage existed.

MPs to vote on recognising gay marriage - NewsComAu

South Australian Greens Senator Rob Simms will today introduce a bill into Parliament to ensure same-sex marriages solemnised in foreign countries are legally recognised in Australia.

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Australia – Joss Legal are gay marriages recognised in australia

At the stroke of midnight, Amanda and Amy — and thousands of other same-sex couples who married in overseas jurisdictions — had their vows recognised under Australian law.

Gay Divorce In Australia | Justice Family Lawyers

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Recognition of international marriages in Australia are gay marriages recognised in australia

There is an argument that the Hague Marriage Convention requires signatory countries (Australia is one) to recognise overseas same-sex marriages. In May 2013, Senator Hanson-Young introduced legislation which, if enacted, would have given recognition to valid same-sex marriages entered into overseas.

Is Gay Marriage Legal In Australia | Justice Family Lawyers

Yes, gay marriage is legal in Australia. Same-sex marriage became legal on the 9th of December 2017. Since that date, couples of the same gender have been able to get married in Australia and same-sex couples who married overseas have had their marriages recognised under Australian law.